Wednesday, May 25, 2016

And They're Off!

Aniyah at 1 year old
A few weeks ago - the nest finally emptied (fingers crossed).  Our youngest daughter, Kiana, and precious granddaughter, Aniyah, moved to Tacoma, Washington to start their own adventure.

"What are we going to do, Matt?" Marci asked, bottom lip in full quiver.

"Um, buy a fifth-wheel, what do you think?!?!"

And so we did.  A (very mildly) used 2013 Palomino Columbus - which although a screaming deal, is WAY fancier than we ever hoped to own.

We are too young to retire, but blessed to have good jobs and the ability to travel around a bit in preparation for hitting the road for months when we both pull the plug.  And so - here is our blog.  A bit about everything, from reviews, to interesting things we see and do - to just musings about things on our mind.

We called the blog "Two if by Land" and that is because we named our rig, "The Paul RV-er".

Hope you enjoy!

The maiden voyage of the Paul RV-er

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