Sunday, July 31, 2016

REVIEW: Flowing Lake County Park, Snohomish, WA

Flowing Lake County Park, Snohomish, WA

We bought our new trailer in April and started planning a trip to visit our granddaughter Aniyah immediately.  She is fifteen months old and lives near Seattle, so we knew it was to the Northwest for our first big trip.  The plan was to pick her up and camp for a week.  Unfortunately, as you more seasoned campers know, the northwest is a popular summer destination and with Internet reservations (a blessing and a curse) it isn’t easy to find a spot for five days.  ENTER Flowing Lake County Park.

A small park with mostly tents and small RV’s, we winded our way through small and curvy green roads until we got to the park.  Tall trees, a clear lake, and smiling campers.  Our kind of place!
As this is our first trip, we are still pretty nervous about maneuvering our 36 & ½ foot beast of a home.  And IT WAS TIGHT!  But most of the spots are big and set far apart.  There is next to no noise, 50 amp service, and nice level gravel spots.

A trail winds around the exterior of the park and the lake (probably the real attraction) brings in LOTS of day-time visitors.  With lush green grass, good facilities, and picnic tables scattered about – I can see the attraction.

Seattle’s Pike Market is an hour away, as are the Snoqualmie Falls.  The Cascade Mountains loom to the east and nature trails abound (I did a twelve mile walk on the Centennial Trail one day). 
We spent a week here.  The rangers were lovely and the experience top notch. 

Not to mention – our fantastic granddaughter!

·       Large level spaces with big gathering areas around fire pits
·       Clean
·       FRIENDLY!
·       Well kept

·       If you don’t like crowds, avoid the lake during the heat of the day

·       I know this will make me seem like a lush, but alcohol is “strictly prohibited” in the park.  P-L-E-A-S-E… I get that they don‘t want rowdies – but I say deal with those who cause a problem, don’t punish everyone else.  It would have been nice to sip a Washington Pinot by the campfire in the evening.


RECOMMENDED?  Absolutely, come re-charge your self here!

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