Thursday, August 4, 2016

How far is too far?

Tomorrow we will get close to the end of our first BIG trip.  We will have traveled four thousand miles and  seven states.  All in two weeks.
Which begs the question (we have heard debated at several RV stops during the past two weeks); "How far is too far to drive?"

Today I spent twelve hours behind the wheel and drove 550 miles.  And I know that this mileage seems CRAZY to many (it was pretty crazy).  But for those of us who are still working full-time, it is how we can s-q-u-e-e-z-e
extra days into our trip by driving long hours.  
US 140 - between Klamath Falls and Winnemucca, NV
Today we drove US 140 from Crater Lake to Winnemucca and then I-80 to Wendover, NV.  
I am tired and this will be short.  But I am sure that many of you have an ideal distance for a travel day.  Go ahead - SHARE!

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